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?What is Counselling?

Counselling is a talking therapy which is accessible on an individual, couple, group or family basis. Counselling can help you with a number of problems you may be encountering in your life. It is an opportunity for you to express thoughts and feelings about your personal difficulties in a non-judgmental atmosphere and look at ways of working through those difficulties. I would not be offering advice, but rather using my knowledge to help you to understand your life better and make any changes which feel right for you.

?What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a talking therapy. You are given additional items to look at either in the form of homework or experiments between sessions.

?What happens to the information we talk about?

Any personal information discussed in the sessions will remain confidential. There are some exceptions to this, and these are related to the law and to the protection of both yourself and others, in particular children. This will be made clear to you at your first session, when a contract will be agreed between us. You will be given a copy of this contract which is designed to help and protect you, and which does not in any way tie you to the counselling service, which you are free to terminate at any time. All notes made are kept locked and secure.

?What is Counselling Supervision?

Supervision facilitates the supervisee’s (The Counsellor/Therapist’s) own explorations and development of their way of practice through a relational way of working. I offer a conceptual model of supervision which provides a container where the supervisee can be supported, validated, inspired and challenged in order to promote growth. It is also an arena providing the teaching of skills and theory, providing models and understanding. A place to reflect and formulate treatment planning, strategies and interventions. As an experienced integrative practitioner, CBT Practitioner and Therapeutic Group Facilitator, I can work with a variety of modalities. Ring me to arrange a free consultation so that we can have a chat about whether you feel my way of working is compatible with what you need.

I aim to be supportive whilst encouraging supervisees to examine their work, think for themselves and develop awareness of and trust in their own experiencing. In order to do this supervisees must feel comfortable enough to be self reflective and to explore their client work openly. This is why fostering a supportive professional relationship is key to my work and a necessary factor to developing their professional and therapeutic competency.